Pat Tyler
7/29/2012 01:13:03

The focus I have is upon ensuring that the focus of services continues to prioritize the desires and needs of persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities, families, and circles of support continue to be the largest support system involved have tremendous knowledge and expertise that representatives who claim to represent authentic partnerships would be actively seeking out right now. Are we going to continue sending out questionnaires without any attempt to implement the Self-Determined Principles? What do we want? Choice, control, equal participation in decisions that we will live with and the welcomed opportunity to have persons with disabilities central to any proposed changes.


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    by Walt Glomb

    Walt Glomb is dad to Nick, an adult who lives with Down syndrome and receives individualized supports from the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. For more than two decades Walt has advocated for the full inclusion of
    Nick in school and community. He has served as president and as a director of the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress and on numerous state boards, councils
    and committees.


    July 2012